I am the One to Help Myself Eventually

When Mr. Fan Zhongyan was a teenager, he starved because of poverty. He used millet to cook porridge. After the porridge had solidified overnight, he cut it into pieces and ate two pieces a day, one in the morning, one in the evening, with some pickles.

After grown up, Fan went to Yingtian Book Room to study. A fellow member who was from a rich family saw Fan’s daily food and got to know how hard Fan’s life was, so one day he brought one more meal for Fan.

Fan was very grateful and said: “It is very kind of you, my friend. But please forgive me that I cannot accept your thoughtful offer. I have been accustomed to eating porridge for years. If I eat the delicious food you sent now, I can’t eat porridge anymore.”

Years later, Fan became the prime minister. His family flourished for 800+ years because of their diligence and thrifty, also compassionate, and charity to the world.

The rarest quality for a person to be strong and unbeatable is: understand that you can never rely on the help of others to live a good life. To change your destiny, you must try your best to fight for it with energy ignited from deep inside.



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