Does the Horse Like a Tailwind or a Headwind?

Ancients knew our nature very well and had been telling us to live in harmony with nature.

Today, when I read my favorite ancient book, a section describing the mutual positions of stallions and mares where horses rest at night attracted my curiosity as my brain quickly related it to our society.

Then it tells how to deal with adversity: in winter in the countryside, by looking for the bird’s position on the tree you are able to know the wind direction. If a bird perches on a branch on the east side, an east wind is coming; on a branch on the west side, a west wind coming. Because: birds like headwinds. Joining the tailwind, the overturned feathers would leave the bird to freeze to death.

In the same way, horses like headwinds. With a large amount of air easily to be sucked into galloping headwinds, horses are comfortable and run fast when the wind blowing along with their hair.

With the development at full speed of modern science and technology, we pursue comfortable life and transform/utilize our nature, reaching an unprecedented level. But, what happened to the animals, the planet? And, are we in harmony?

๐Ÿ“–๐Ÿง˜๐Ÿ’งย #ancientwsidom#science#universe#dailycreativity#inspiration#authenticity#uplifting#adversity#love

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