Story: Keep Wise

A beggar walked into Taoist Temple, saw Tianzun sitting on the top. He was very envious.

“Can I change role with you?”
“Yes, as long as you don’t speak.”

Then the beggar sat on the top stage, seeing people come and go with his mouth shut.

One day, a rich man came to pray: “Please give me the virtues of heaven to let my grandchildren enjoy happiness.” Kowtowed and got up, his wallet fell on the ground. The beggar could not remind him.

Later, a poor man came: “Please my God, give me some money to save my seriously ill family!” Kowtowed and got up, he saw the wallet. With thanks to God, he picked it up and left. The beggar could not tell him the truth.

Then a fisherman came: “Please, my God, give me some peace in going out to sea without wind and waves, and come back safely.” Kowtowed, he got up to leave, when the rich man returned for the wallet. The rich man believed that the fishermen had his wallet…

The beggar could no longer keep quiet, “Stop it…” He told them the truth, resolved this dispute!

Is he correct? The poor did not get the lifesaving money; the rich did not cultivate good virtue; the fisherman went to the sea without #peace in mind.

Many things, as they should be, stay wise for them to happen naturally. The universe has its eyes and laws.

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