Heaven Earth and People in Unity🌎

Staying in awe with the heaven, the earth, and ourselves, we gain harmonious unity of the universe.

We respect heaven, respect the sky, respect its tolerance, respect its vastness, respect its majesty, respect its perseverance and endurance in the spring, summer, autumn, and winter. The sun never stops to rise up in the east and set down in the west; never stops to light the world, to send the warmth…

What does heaven ask for us for return? None.

We respect our mother Earth, because it has glory and withering, harvesting and storage, and seeking progress steadily. If everything goes according to nature, water flows and benefits; soil enables sprouting, flowering, fruiting, and harvesting; winds, mines, mountains, forests flourish…

What does the earth ask for us for return? None. Although we dig, pollute, excrete…

We take too much from the universe. Let’s at least be in humble respects of ourselves, for our #unity with heaven and #earth.

Be happy, be simple, be calm, be steady, be reasonable, be round-outside and square-inside. Be #Kind. Be wise.

Morning, my friends!🌞🌎🌓💧❤️☕

#ancientwisdom#authenticity#dailycreativity#universe#uplifting # #humanity#environment#love#courage#change#respect


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