Thick Hard Face Skin👆

Two “smart” men met together.

A asked: “What is the hardest in the world?”
B: “Stone and steel.”
A: “Stone can be broken; steel can be bent; iron can be chiseled. It is hard to tell.”

In a while, A: “In my opinion, my brother, the mustache on your face is the hardest. Neither stone nor steel can be harder than it.”


Asked for the reason, A replied:” Brother, your face is thick, but the mustache has broken out.”

The bearded B laughed back and said:” Brother, your face is thicker and harder, even the mustache can’t penetrate. “

When you see the shortcomings of others, don’t laugh at it or criticize the others. When you point your finger at others, always remember that there are three fingers pointing back at yourself.

What you see is the reflection of what you think; what you think is the reflection of what you are.

Where do you stand?

Shift your focus on other’s strengths and advantages, you are transforming.

Morning, friends! 🌈🦋☕


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