Take Care Of Your Heart❤️

11am–13pm, when the heart meridians are on duty, it is the most critical daily time for heart care.

The human body has two meridians related to the heart: the heart channel and the pericardial channel; the heart channel is related to the mind; the pericardial channel is related to the blood control.

About half an hour after a meal, if the pericardial channel is properly massaged, it can increase the blood supply to the heart and effectively protect the heart. This method is a good health-care trick suitable for everyone.

The heart corresponds to the five elements of fire. From a Chinese Medicine point of view, it relates to joy and hatred; hatred hurts the heart. The general hatred is sent out from the inside of the heart, while the Qi it produces gathers inwards, which is likely accumulated to cause a series of diseases such as panic, heartbeat, coronary heart disease…

Body Yang Qi is strongest at daily noon time. 15-20 minutes of napping is a good opportunity to balance and relax the body and save energy. But too long napping will disturb the biological clock and cause insomnia at night.

Life is all about energy. Let go of what bothers our heart, take a break to reserve #energy and stay calm, #wisdom arises.


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