1; 2; 3; … ; 10,000💟

A rich man’s son is illiterate. He hired a teacher to teach his son.

The son first learned how to write ONE which is “一”; then the 2nd character TWO which is “二”; and the 3rd THREE which is “三”. He thought the characters were so easy, then he threw the pen away and told his father happily: “It is easy, father. I have learned how to recognize and write words.”

The rich man was happy that his son was clever enough to learn quickly, and quit the teacher.

One day, the rich man wanted to invite a friend named Wan”万” to dinner. ”万“ means “ten thousand” in Chinese. He asked his son to write the invitation letter in the morning.

Didn’t get the invitation ready at lunchtime, the rich man went to ask his son. His son said: “There are so many surnames, why Mr. Wan’s surname is 10,000, I wrote many times but lost track, now I only have 500 lines since early this morning!”

When managing or learning things, the biggest taboo is to swallow it without chewing, being satisfied with the smattering of a subject.

Knowing is knowing; not knowing is not knowing. It’s foolish to pretend to understand. It will be a big loss and a joke sooner or later.

Morning, friends!❤️💧☕



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