That 5% of Perfumes🌹🦋

Of all the perfumes of various brands in the world, 95% of them are water, and only 5% are different. And that 5% is the secret recipe of each brand, relating to its raw materials, collection, processing, and refining processes.

The same truth applies to people: 95% are basically essentially similar to a human being. The difference between people is that critical 5% portion: the different cultivation, character, and desires of people, determines that people are having different happiness and pains in their different lives.

Traditionally it takes five to ten years for fragrances to be generated and added to perfumes. It is the same for people. It takes them years, decades, half-life, or even the whole life to grow and exercise before they have their own unique taste of life.

Therefore, lifetime learning is important. Persistence is important. And a good heart ensuring life on the correct track is more important.

Good morning, my friends!🌹🌻🌸🌺🌷🦋💧


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