Why Chase a Horse❓

Why chase a horse? Spend the time plant grass, and when the spring blooms, there will be a batch of horses for you to choose.

Why deliberately please or flatter someone? Use your time without friends to improve your virtue, and when the time is right, there will be many friends walking with you.

Friends made with human feeling favors are temporary, friends attracted by good morality are long-lasting. Enriching yourself is more powerful than pleasing others.

Be a warm person, love by addition, resentment by subtraction, thanksgiving by multiplication, and trouble by division, you will find that the whole world is smiling at you!

The eye is a ruler, rules ourselves then sees others; the heart is a steelyard, measures ourselves then feels the others.

Virtue in the heart is compassion; Virtue in words and actions is kindness.

Life is so short. When our eyes can accommodate others; our feet will have a wide road to go. Fill our hearts with love, we can make a difference.


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