Nature, Science, and Religion

Einstein, “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” Ancients and philosophers realized that the world consists of two opposite and unified parts, the inner self and the outer world; and human life is a process of constantly seeking unity in opposition to changes in the external world.

The law of nature is a unity of opposites and unity between the individual and the environment. The infinite vastness of nature serves as God and determines the life and death of everyone.

Every existence has an innate resistance, expansion, and the nature of constantly expanding its sphere of influence. To real nature, humans are the same as all other things: has a spirit of resistance to live.

We live in a society. Following its trend, society will give us the strength to grow stronger. And it will punish us sooner or later on our violation. People are not only part of society, but more importantly part of nature. Diseases and disasters are warning and reminders, also punishments.

Can we escape the law of life and death? No matter how advanced science is, it is impossible, just like we cannot change sunrise and sunset, half-moon and full moon, spring, summer, autumn, and winter; BUT, we can choose how to live a life. With #love.❤️💧

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