A “Hungry” Fox🦊

A fox found a nest of chickens and was too fat to drill in. He had to be hungry for three days so he could finally enter the nest.

After a full meal, he couldn’t get out, so he had to be hungry again for another three days to get out.

In the end, he lamented that spending so many days, only his mouth was satisfied.

Isn’t life the same? With empty hands came, empty hands to leave, no one can take away the wealth and merits they built through a lifetime of businesses.

It is difficult to buy back youth with money earned from youth; it is difficult to buy back life with money earned from life; it is difficult to earn time back from money earned with time.

Even if you use your life to get the money of the world, you can’t buy your life with the money of the world.

But what we can make and leave for the world? Our love for the world; our wisdom in making the world better: the harmonious prosperity we blaze a trail for.

Is Fuxi dead? Is Confucius dead? No. Their spirits and wisdom have had long-lasting influence over thousands of years, and are never outdated! Their lives are more alive than many of those living dead.

Morning , my friends!🌹💧☕



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