6 Things to Forget

1. Age
Don’t care too much about your age. A young mindset is more important than a young body. Modern science shows that a positive mindset can promote good health.

2. Sickness
Forgetting about sickness does not mean giving up treatment. Too much anxious worry about illness only increases the psychological burden. Letting nature take its course and adjust our mindset, there may be unexpected gains.

3. Untidiness
Spend more time to dress yourself up, you will find your spirit is much more energetic. It not only motivates you to do things better but also comforts others who look at you.

4. Competition
People love chasing the rich and power while fame and wealth are not brought by life, not by death. Unshackles your body and mind, enjoy life in a balanced peaceful mind.

5 Worry
It is inevitable that life is not perfect. Worry just keeps the bad problem fermenting and make the problems worse.

6. Anger
With the world’s fast development, there are more and more strange things that can easily make you angry. Facing dynamic changes, we must learn to embrace them with an open mind. On the other hand, being angry is very bad for mental & physical health. As anger does not make things better.

Talk to yourself, feel your #happiness through loving #kindness. ❤️🌈🐴☕


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