The law of deserving is closely related to the law of altruism. The more altruism, the more you deserve. In the end, those who benefit others will ultimately benefit themselves. As Dao De Jing says in Chapter 7: 「以其不自私,故能成其私」– “Because it is not selfish, its self can be fully fulfilled.”

In the practice of altruism, life reaches its maximum value through the giving-energy’s cycle. So it says 「舍得」, the more you can give up to afford, the more you can get. Unwilling to give up, energy froze.

For example, people who often make others happy are ultimately happy themselves. Person who often makes others suffer, in the end, he suffers the most. People who often provide donations are in the intention to give more.

Only by maximizing one’s value can one maximize his benefits, and the value of life is reflected in the practicing of altruism.

Often thinking about the the laws of heaven and earth, We can have a very comfortable life.

Are we on our practice? ❤️🌹🌈💧☕

Good morning, my friends!


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