Today, it is only for gratitude, for what lights our life with happiness, peace, and joy.

Gratitude to our parents who gave us our lives and nurture us growing up.

Gratitude to all those who love us, like us, support us, listen to us, stand by us, give us a hand when we need help, …; they uplift us.

Gratitude to those who dislike us, ignore us, reject us, disrespect us, discourage us, hurt us, torture us,…; they train us.

Gratitude for the journeys we took and are taking; they expand our experience.

Gratitude for the adversity we went through or are encountering, they hone our will.

Gratitude for the books we read; they equip us.

Gratitude to me ourselves for our love, kindness, dream, faith, courage, trust, instincts, giving, and never giving up; they fulfill us.

Gratitude for our intention following the flow of time and space; they shift us.

Gratitude to the universe who creates us and empowers us.

Today, it is only for gratitude. 🙏


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