Anger, Starts Small, But Ends? 🐫

The noonday sun is like a big fireball, while a camel is wading through the desert, hungry, thirsty, and anxious.

Suddenly, a fragment of a glass bottle scraped one of its soles; the tired camel burst into flames, raised his feet and kicked the fragment severely, but accidentally scratched the sole of a deep mouth. Bright red blood immediately stained the sand.

The angry camel was limping, and the bloodstains all the way led to the vultures in the air. They cried and hovered in the sky above the camel. The camel was stunned and ran up despite the injury, leaving a long bloodstain on the desert.

When he ran to the edge of the desert, the thick bloody smell attracted the wolf in the nearby desert. Fatigue and excessive bleeding caused the weak camel to run like a headless fly into a nest for cannibals.

The smell of blood caused the ants to come out of the nest. The “black” rushed towards the camel. In a blink of an eye, the man-eating ants wrapped the camel like a black blanket…

Before he died, the behemoth sighed in regret, “Why am I angry with a small piece of broken glass?”

Good morning, my friends.🌸🍃💧🌈☕


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