Adapting to the SituationšŸ¦‹

Confucius has two disciples, Zilu and RanYou, with different personalities.

One day, Zilu asked Confucius: “Teacher, if I hear a correct proposition, can I apply it immediately?”

Confucius replied: “Go home and ask your father and brother to discuss with them!”

Later, RanYou asked the same: “Teacher, if I hear a correct proposition, can I apply it immediately?”

Confucius: “Yes, it should be implemented immediately!”

GongXihua asked Confucius, “For the same question, why the teacher’s answers are different?”

Confucius said, “Zilu is reckless, so I advised him to be cautious. RanYou has a hesitant personality, so I encouraged him to be determined.”

Like the spring water flowing down from high mountains but accumulating into springs when it comes across with low terrains, Confucius practiced “adapting to the situation” the best.

When applying it to education, it reflects Confucius’ wisdom of “teaching according to studentā€™s aptitude”. When applying it to business, it tells how to treat your team and competitors wisely. When applying this to our life, it guides us to master our thoughts, words, behaviors… with ease.

Morning, my friends. šŸŒ·šŸƒšŸ’§ā˜•


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