Kindness in the bottom of the heart❤️

Good surprises in the world often come from accumulated goodness. If you want to reap more luck, you must start with being a friendly kind person, see the world with soft eyes, and live with a warm heart.

Be considerate to your family, treat your friends sincerely, and communicate with strangers softly and gently. Show empathy for others and do your best when you can help.

Regardless of what the other party’s education, occupation, and culture, they all deserve equal respect with each other.

Sincerely bless others’ tiniest happiness. Treat people with a sense of proportion, instead of sour, harsh, arrogant, and stingy. Accept others’ defects and focus on their advantages.

After seeing all kinds of things, still willing to be a good person and do what is good.

Of course, this kindness must have its own teeth, be gentle with sharp edges – love others without hurting yourself.

Choose goodness wholeheartedly, and eventually, goodness will be toward you.

Kindness is a choice.

Good morning, my friends!🌷🍃💧☕


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