“Smart Mosquitoes”👀

The famous writer Mark Twain once went to a small town. Before leaving, someone told him that the mosquitoes there were particularly powerful!

When he arrived, as he checked in at the hotel, a mosquito hovered in front of his eyes, which embarrassed the staff.

Mark Twain said pleasantly: “How many times the mosquito in your hotel is smarter than in the legendary? See, it is spying on my room number so that they can visit and eat a big meal at night.”

Big laughter burst into the room.

As a result, Mark Twain slept very sweetly that night.

It turned out that all the staff of the hotel was dispatched to drive away the mosquitoes, lest this popular writer be bitten by mosquitoes.

Being able to make people comfortable is a top glamour. A person who is able in making people comfortable is like a beautiful piece of jade.

Being with such a person is like listening to a soothing piece of music, tasting a cup of mellow hot tea, watching a flower open quietly, and letting time flow like spring water.

We can always make our life more beautiful through our choices, knowledge and wisdom.

Morning, my friends!🌺🍃💧☕



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