Beauty Outside🔐

Once there was a skilled craftsman, who liked to sculpture demons and ghosts. Many people came to buy his sculptures.

One day, he found in a mirror that his appearance became very ugly: it was not that the facial features changed, but the face appeared to be vicious, ugly, and weird.

Then he went to a temple and asked the abbot for help. The abbot said: “I can treat you, but you have to help me carve 100 Guanyin statues first.”

So, he began to study Guanyin’s features, virtue, and expression. Sometimes he even forgot food and sleep.

Half a year later, he finally was able to sculpture a Guanyin statue with the image of kindness, compassion, and tolerance. He went back to the abbot: “I know how to sculpture Guanyin now. Please help me.”

The abbot took out a mirror, smiled, and said: “You are cured already.”

Only then did he realize that his appearance had become righteous and dignified.

Good-looking, not only is born superficial and beautiful but a blender of dignified manners, #humility, elegant and graceful #spirits over time.

All #amazement comes from long-term #practice.

In this world, there are always people who look better and better. Why can’t it be you?

What you think, read, learn, speak, and do, are all changing your appearance.❤️


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