What You Care About?πŸ”

Many people can’t get out of trouble, because they are controlled by what they care about.

Confucius once told YanHui: in a gambling game, what decides the outcome is neither skill nor luck, but what you bet on the game.


People can bet freely & steadily on a tile as they can completely afford to lose the tile.

When betting on expensive items, he is trembling while gambling with hands and feet trapped, worrying about losing the items.

And those who take gold as a bet, are stunned before the start of the game when caring and suffering very much if lose ate up their spirit and courage. How obvious the outcome is!

Many people cannot succeed because they hold things in their hands too tight. An old sayingβ€œε‡‘ε€–ι‡θ€…ε†…ζ‹™β€ indicates: The person who values the material outside too much is internally clumsy. People lose not to their opponents, but to themselves.

If a person knows how to let go, at the moment he let go, a lot of knots in his heart are opened, and problems are easily solved.

Our eyes were born bright, but later get easily covered by greed, aversion, and infatuation. In the process of serving others, the world, and ourselves, “letting go” is the highest level of manipulation and the secret to dominating all #changes.

Morning, friends!πŸ’§πŸŒΊπŸƒβ˜•


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