Be The Best Me, Meet The Best You❤️

With the sunshine people, my heart is bright;
With happy people, a smile is always on the corner of my mouth;
With the aggressive people, I proceed intentionally;
With generous people, I am fulfilled with joy and happiness;
With wise people, I am like walking by the sea, divine and vast;
With intelligent people, I become wiser.

Be the best me, I meet the best you.

Everyone we meet can become the “noble person” in our lives, with the willingness to be kind to people around.

Give flowers, we first smell the flowers;
Give sincerity, we get trust;
Give trust, we get loyalty;
Give loyalty, we get love;…

When we grab mud and throw it at others, our hands get dirty first;
When we use one finger to point at others, there are three fingers pointing at us;
When we get along with people with suspicion and vigilance, it is inevitable to get suspicion in return…

We treat others as to how we want others to treat us. The world is an echo of our life.

When we bloom, the butterfly comes.
When we plant a sycamore tree, we attract the phoenix.
When we are wonderful, God makes the best arrangement for us.

Happy today, the best us.💖🌹🍰☕


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