Lotusā€™s Blossom vs. PerseverancešŸ’”

In a lotus pond, only a small part of lotus blooms on the first day. The number of lotus blooms on the 2nd-day doubles. On each subsequent day, the lotus blooms will be twice the number of the previous day…

Assuming that the lotus will fill the entire pond on the 10th day, ask: On which day, the lotus bloomed half?

Is it the 5th day? No. It is the 9th day.

The same truth applies to life. In the end, what people struggle with is not luck and cleverness, but perseverance.

There is an old Chinese saying that “one who travels a hundred miles was half done at ninety”, which means: if you walk a hundred miles, you will only have passed half when you walked ninety miles. This is the same principle in lotusā€™ blossom.

The closer you are to success, the harder it is and the more you need to persevere.

Only through a quantitative accumulation can you gain a qualitative leap.

Keep up your spirit. Be kind and show love.

Good morning, my friends.šŸ’§šŸ’§šŸ’§ā˜•



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