Life is All About Energy🔌

A person’s life is composed of 3 parts: physical energy, intellectual energy, and virtue energy.

Life is the process of energy acquisition and release.

What kind of inner world you carry, what kind of energy you inspire and attract.

Wisdom is profound invisible intellectual energy. It plays a key role in a person’s ability. This is the fundamental reason why great people more easily succeed in doing things, with infinite wisdom in their hearts.

The bigger a person’s mental capacity is, the greater his energy, the stronger his ability.

Through the process of life in pursuing a #purpose, it is the process of energy gathering and release. And a person’s energy state is constantly changing, but wisdom energy can be drawn from the universe through #silence and #stillness.

Our energy is mainly consumed by the way we think. Every thought we send is done through energy consumption.

Pure thoughts like #compassion#empathy#love, and #kindness, they positively purify even strengthen human energy, while on the contrary, negative thoughts distract and consume human energy.

It requires our wisdom in knowing when to advance our pure thoughts and when to retreat to reserve #energy. Always stay #calm.

Good morning, my friends!🌞💧☕


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