Binary vs. Wordless Heavenly Book📖

No matter how advanced the digital world is, they are stored & processed as binary strings by hardware memories, triggers, controllers…

This digital world of 0 and 1 is the best modern application of the theory system of Yin & Yang.

About 7,000 years ago, before the agricultural society, what did people live on? – Fishing and hunting.
What did they fear most when go hunting and fishing? – The weather.

On the way out, the weather can be drastic to put lives at risk. So, people asked Fuxi: I’m going out tomorrow, how is the weather?

To help people, Fuxi “opened” the first weather forecast station on this planet:

He said:
“It is sunny tomorrow, you can go!”
“Be careful when going south, it thunders there.”
“Going northwest, it has heavy rain.”

At first, people were suspicious, but as the forecasts turned out to be right, more and more came to ask. Fuxi decided to hang an image on a tree for everyone to know the weather forecast.

The first image he hung was:
— —
— —
It tells: rain. And it was how the Chinese character “水”-water originated.

This image carries a binary string of: Yin, Yang, Yin.

Before human language’s existence, Fuxi originated the most powerful Wordless Heavenly Book “易经“ which belongs to the whole world.💧

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