The King’s Little Finger✋

There used to be a king whose little finger was bitten off by a lion while hunting.

When he returned, the state teacher said: “It doesn’t matter, everything is the best arrangement.”

Heard this, the king was naturally furious and imprisoned the state teacher.

Later, when the king went out to hunt again, he ran into the cannibals. The cannibals ate all but the king, leaving the king back alone because the cannibals won’t eat people with physical disabilities.

After the king came back, he remembered the State teacher’s words and released him. And asked the state teacher, “What you said makes sense, but you have been in jail for a long time because of your words. Is this the best arrangement?”

The state teacher smiled: “Your majesty was not eaten by the cannibals because of a finger bitten off by a lion, and I was put in jail because of those words I told you, so I was not accompanying you to go hunting, and Not eaten by cannibals. Look, everything is the best arrangement.”


Buddhist says:

No matter whom you meet, he is the right person;
No matter what happens, it is the only thing that will happen;
No matter what moment it started, it is the right moment it starts.
When it’s over, it’s over.

Morning, friends!💧☕


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