The Status of Health❤️

Chinese Medicine (CM) always asks: Do you eat well? Sleep well? Move well? Sweat normal? Is your excretion normal?

For people with chronic diseases, adjusting these basic indicators to normal means their body’s vitality is restored and the human body can self-heal.

CM believes: all diseases begin with the invisible part of the spirit and thought; then the disorder of Qi, energy pattern and operation rules; finally, the tangible physical disease.

Many illnesses came from stresses, resentments, or confusions people can’t or are unwilling to face, clarify, and resolve.

The root cause of many diseases is the lack of “slowness”. For example neurasthenia, anxiety, bipolar disorder… are common mental illnesses caught by people in a state of mental and psychological life that is too fast and excessively anxious.

Why do Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity… attach so much importance to “#reflection” and “confession”? They are calling for looking and listening inward.

As soon as the mind turns its direction, the #spirit turns, and the direction of the life train turns. When a person’s body is seriously ill, its life train has been in the wrong direction for a long time.

BUT, the #mind can be turned to a new direction at any time, so can life.☕

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