Individual vs. Whole🌐

Anything is both the epitome of the world and the whole of the world.

For example, we can see the whole body through Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture on the individual; we can diagnose and treat the whole body through the ear or palm.

For example, the operation of Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, and Saturn in the solar system is essentially the same as the internal organs of the human body; the human spine has 24 knots, and there are 24 solar terms a year;……

Every point on a person has its corresponding point in the universe. Through inversion and introspection, all galaxies will find corresponding positions in the human body.

We need a drop of water to see the entire sea, which is the ultimate of the law of the whole world. Nothing in the world is independent.

The world is like a large room with countless doors. From any door, you can enter this room. Any path or cutting-point into the door is the key to the mystery of the world. We just need to choose the path that suits us and that can maximize our strength.

Morning, my friends!💧💧💧☕


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