Time, Your Most Intimate Partner💟

As an old saying goes: “水不试,不知深浅;人不交,不知好坏” – “If you don’t try the water, you don’t know the depth; if you don’t communicate, you don’t know a person’s goodness or badness.”

Sometimes, what the eye sees is not necessarily the truth, and what the ears hear might be a lie.

The nature of a person, the sincerity in a person’s heart, requires us to recognize with our heart through time.

As another old saying goes: “与人交往,始于颜值,合于性格,久于善良,终于人品” – “Life-time relationship starts with the appearance, grows through personality blending, lasts because of kindness, and sublimate because of spirits.”

Time is our most intimate partner. It helps us to see people’s hearts, verify human nature, testify truth, and reveals fakeness.

Time, although not speaking, can help us see through everything;
Time, although low-profiled, is the fairest referee.

Time, will leave you the most real person in life.

Good morning, my friends!❤️💧☕



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