In The State Of Immobility💝

There are two sets of models of human cognition:

One set refers to instinct and intuition. The “#mind” and “perception” often mentioned in Chinese culture, such as calligraphy and painting, Guqin, traditional Chinese medicine, and martial arts, can achieve the state of perfection and a spiritual soar.

Another model is logical thinking and empirical judgment. It is biased towards socialization and is a cognitive model used by “I” by long-term acquired education, environmental cues, and media guidance, loaded from the outside world.

“Yi Jing” said: “易无思也,无为也,寂然不动,感而遂通”

The sages of ancient China believed that the true understanding of the universe, heaven and earth, and the cosmic life is when the mind is in a state of immobility, and when it is in sympathy with the universe, it naturally accesses everything.

Many things are inadvertently realized in a relaxed state. Purposes are often missed because of too hard to think, or too purposeful.

When you are quiet and relaxed, there are not so many thoughts, demands, emotions, desires, plans, and all kinds of troubles, your heart is like a relatively clean mirror. Everything is clearly there, waiting for you to discover.🕰❤️💧☕

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