好 or 坏; Good or Bad❤️

好- Good, its original meaning in the Chinese language is a woman. The extended meanings include beauty, good, and goodness.

“好”=”女” + “子”。女:girl; female; woman; 子:son; boy; male; man.

In the Chinese language, because of this:

“Goodness” = “Woman” + “Man”; or
“Goodness” = “Girl” + “Boy”; or
“Goodness” = “Female” + “Male”

Modern people have many good understandings and wishes for this character “好”. We often say:

▶️男女搭配,干活不累:Women and men do not feel tired when working together;
▶️一儿一女好事成双:One son and one daughter are good things in pairs;
▶️夫妻同心,其利断金:When husband and wife share the same heart, their power is enormous and their achievements are more precious than gold.

This “Goodness” is a best practice of Yin & Yang; and reflects the laws of heaven, earth, and the universe.

On the contrary, “坏” means bad, damaged; corrupted; become useless or harmful. The original meaning refers to soil spoilage.

“坏” Bad = 土” Soil + “不” No. When wood cannot grow out of the soil, it is called bad.

Good morning, my friends!❤️🌈🦋💧☕



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