Human Body Is Wise☮️

Disease & #health are problems that everyone will encounter. Diseases generally start from the emotional body, which is manifested in the physical body as stasis. Usually, mental & physical problems cause emotional stasis; eventually manifest as disease.

The human body is wise. Not only does it respond highly sensitively to what it absorbs (such as food and water), it also responds equally sensitively to our emotions, feelings, and thoughts.

The body is the communication tool between us and the #soul. The soul communicates with us in many ways, specifically through #intuition: including subtle emotions, hunches, and whispers of the #mind.

Whenever we are seriously disturbed by emotions, we have to find its cause & meaning.

As long as we #calm down and listen carefully, the soul will tell us the answer. If we resist or deny our emotions, the soul will speak to us through our bodies.

When the soul expresses itself in the form of the disease, how can we understand its language? We may not know its message sent through the disease, but in fact, it has been a long time since we started denying emotions.

Understanding the spiritual meaning of disease is an inner #journey of exploration, by which we can gradually restore #communication with the soul.❤️🌹💧☕

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