Accept My Weakness🌻

There used to be a lion who was provoked by a little mouse, but no matter what the mouse did, the lion was still enough with no irritation.

Other animals asked the lion: “Aren’t you the king of beasts? Are you afraid of a little mouse?”

The lion replied: “If I get angry with it and pay back, I will bear the infamy of zero tolerance with little animals, and this mouse will get the glory of challenging the king of beasts.”

Sometimes, maintaining a strong momentum is not the best principle of interpersonal communication, instead, learning to show weakness properly, hide in the process of communication, and take a more gentle way to solve problems, can increase your personality charm and make you stronger.

Among relatives, friends, colleagues, and partners, it is foolish to hurt each other through competing for a short-term target. Sometimes, it is wise to show your weakness and take a step back. The other party actually understands that this concession might come out of love.

A person, who is weak like a sheep outside but “strong” like a hungry wolf at home, is not reliable.

Be a good person, be you.

Morning, my friends!❤️☕


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