Different Standpoints👣

There was an old conversation:

Tang Taizong(598—649)asked Xu Jingzong: “Of all the civilian and military officers, you are one of the most virtuous, but there are still people who are constantly talking about your fault in front of me. Why?”

Xu Jingzong answered:

“Spring rain is as expensive as oil. Farmers love it because it nourishes the crops, but people who walk on the road hate it because it makes the road muddy.

The autumn moon is like a round of mirrors shining in all directions. The geniuses and beauties appreciate the moon with joy and poetry, but the thieves hate it. They are afraid of their ugly behavior showed under the moonlights.

Even the omnipotent nature cannot satisfy everyone, let alone an ordinary person?”

Good morning, my friends!🌺🍃🌈💧☕



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