Resonance in the Soul❤️

Once heard that the so-called success of life is to take good care of life and settle down the soul.

We all know that everyone has a dead-end, hiding the deepest secrets there;
Everyone has unknown wounds, paint the reddest blood there;
Everyone has tears behind their smiles, gathered the saddest feelings;
Everyone also has a blazing flame, putting the most passionate tenderness there.

However, such a dead-end can only be entered by someone who understands;
Such wounds can only be healed by those who bring love into your life;
Such tears can only be moved by the person you love;
Such flames can only be ignited by people with similar souls.

If one day you can bloom like a flower,
As uncontested as grass,
Sing like a bird,

Then, you must have found the resonance in the soul,
Must have found a place the same souls live and settle,
Must have been the place where the lovers converse,
Must have been a preference that inspires the spirits.

May you find someone who nourishes your soul.

Morning, my friends!❤️❤️❤️☕


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