The Water That Bears The Boat Is The Same That Swallows💧

Mr. Zhu Geliang said: “欲思其利,必虑其害;欲思其成,必虑其败”. In a short description, it tells us that everything in the world is a double-edged sword, which always has positive and negative meanings.

Just like the water that bears the boat is the same that swallows, everything has two opposite sides.

When there are advantages, there will be disadvantages; When there is a possibility of success, there is bound to be a possibility of failure; While something can give you happiness, there must be factors that make you unhappy.

Many times, when we encountering problems, shaping our concern about the benefits and profits it brings to us; onto digging out the disadvantages, to understand the pros and cons, and to be prepared, will to some degree improve the possibility of success.

It is always beyond your imagination that when you shape your mind to consider how the profits can reach more beneficiaries, the universe will surprisely be standing with you, fill you with power and energy.

Be a good person. Carry the spirit of water. Spread your kindness and love.

Morning, friends!💧💧💧🚢🌞☕


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