Life is a marathon, endurance is a major theme. Whether you can control your own destiny depends on your attitude towards life.

Endurance is not just living in the opposite direction;
Endurance is not a compromise to fate;

Endurance is the struggle and control of fate;
Endurance is to embrace all rivers;
Endurance is the accumulation of energy;
Endurance is the extension of inclusiveness;
Endurance is a painful and patient process;
Endurance is charging and making progress;
Endurance is the best grindstone of life;
Endurance is the best gift given by life;
Endurance is the sublimation of life.

The bamboo grew only 3 cm in the first 4 years. Starting from the fifth year, it grows wildly at a rate of 30 cm per day and reaches 15 meters tall in just six weeks.

Endurance is the process of accumulating quantitative change into qualitative change.

Are you about to grow wildly?

Stretch your body; stretch your mind; stretch your life.

Good morning, my friends!🦋💧🌈☕



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