Families are the basic units of a society, like cells to a human body. Healthy cells make up a healthy body; healthy families make up a healthy society.

A family starts from a husband and a wife, develops into a big family with people bounded in blood relationships: parents, son, daughter, sisters, brothers, grandparents,…

The husband and wife, the only two people in a big family who do not have blood relationship with each other, the most intimate life partners, are bounded by love and mutual support from the heart to soul.

We all want to live in a harmonious society filled with love and kindness, while, each of us is playing an important part. Good self-care and good care of your partner, strengthen a family, resulting in happy children, happy seniors, eventually a happy world.

❤️Everyone is a flat-leaf boat floating on the sea of life – family is the rudder & the oar.
❤️Everyone is a kite floating in the sky of future – family members are the strings & ropes.
❤️Home is the life starting point and destination; families are the ones to accompany you at the beginning and end of your life.

Your attitude towards your family reflects your truest character. Be kind.

Good morning, my friends!💧☕


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