The Ancestor of Medicine Is Music

Beautiful music can cultivate people’s sentiments, purify people’s hearts, and give people wonderful enjoyment. But, do you know music might originally be created for healing?

For the Chinese word “药”-medicine, if we look into its ancient way of spelling, it is “藥”. Unscramble this word “藥”, it contains two simple words: “草”-grass at the top, and “乐” music/happiness at the bottom. It tells the interesting invention of the characters of medicine“药” in Chinese: Medicines are grasses grown from music. That’s a vivid description of Chinese herbal medicines.

People’s ability to accept sound starts when a baby is in its mother’s belly. And ears are the first to “open up” of the five senses. An unborn baby can hear its mother’s heartbeat, breathing and speaking voice. This is part of the reason for “fetus education” – letting pregnant moms listen to music.

The book “Water Knows the Answer” tells the amazing experiment results of making water crystallize while listening to music:

“The crystallization of the water listening to Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony is as beautiful and neat as this song; listening to Mozart’s Symphony No. 40, it shows a gorgeous beauty. Listening to Chopin’s “Farewell”, its exquisite beauty is simply amazing.”

On the contrary, “When the water listens to heavy metal music full of anger and resistance, the shape of the crystals is messy and broken. When listening to messy rock music, it crystallizes into cancer cells, ugly and disgusting. ”

Water occupies more than half of the human body. When it resonates with happy, relaxed, and calming music, it becomes the best antidote to human illnesses too. The happiness that classical music brings to people does not lie in whether it expresses sadness or joy but comes from people’s kind and righteous thoughts. It inspires knowledge that promotes human nature; achieves mentality, and a good body condition.

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