A story:

A teacher wrote some exercises on the whiteboard:
The class activated suddenly and many students were speaking loudly: “Teacher, you made a mistake.”

The teacher raised his head and slowly said: “Yes, everyone sees it clearly, this last line is wrong. But I calculated the first three correctly, why no one praised me for the three correct lines but yell at the wrong one!”

Did we ever notice that it has become a deep-rooted weakness and defect of human nature to approve or deny a person based on our own likes and dislikes?

When it has become a habit that someone helps you & supports you over a long time, ever once your need is not met, it will obliterate all the things he has done for you in the past. This is 100-1=0.

Thinking further, on a 100-mile journey, when you finally reached 98 to 99 miles, you get extremely over exhausted and struggling of: shall you give up? But, giving up now is 100-1=0.

Digging a deep well, the deeper you dig, the greater the workload, and the more difficult. Can you give up at this time? Giving up now also means 100-1=0.

What examples of 100-1=0 can you think of?

Morning, my friends!💡💧☕



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