Anxiety Comes From Subconscious👁

Our subconscious mind can do almost everything, except it can’t distinguish whether things in our brain are real or not.

Sounds ridiculous? Let’s recall what happens after our waking up from a nightmare: our hearts beat violently, we sweat & feel terrified. Although the nightmare only happened in our mind without us experiencing any danger, our brain does not know.

Our psychological reaction to the nightmare is as if it really happened in reality. Similarly, we feel happy, relaxed, and peaceful after a sweet dream.

In anything we might come into contact with, nothing is more important than the thoughts in our head. We generate 60,000 thoughts a day on average. Our reality is determined by the thoughts that we repeat, for the majority of people, mainly by those negative thoughts, including misfortune of past & fear of bad situations that may happen in the future.

When we have negative thoughts, our body secrets a “stress hormone” into the bloodstream, doing harm to our health.

Human thoughts create the world!

There is no situation in the entire #universe that makes us anxious, but our psychological reaction to the situation.

When we fundamentally understand this #truth, we realize: we can control our reality to be positive and peaceful.🌷☕

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