Reset to Zero⭕️

Lao Zi said: “有无相生”. There can be “being” in “nothing”, and “being” will inevitably end in “nothing.”

The end of all things is zero; zero is a new beginning. “Nothing” is such a state containing countless “being” possibilities.

Life should be “reset to zero” from time to time. All success or failure is a kind of past relative to the previous second. The past can support the future, but it cannot replace tomorrow.

“Zeroing” in time:
is a kind of consciousness that is positively facing the future;
is also to make the complex simple;
is to learn to give up and let go.

– Without old ideas being abandoned, new ideas will not be born.
– Life is like a clock. At midnight, you must “start from zero”, then you have a new cycle and glory.
– Snakes must shed their skins every year to grow.
– Crabs can only get stronger protection if they take off their original shells.
– A cup has to be emptied so it can be refilled.
– Holding hands tightly, nothing can behold; open your hands and you can hold the whole world!

Where everything starts, it will end there; where it ends, it will start anew.

Everything is a spiral upward, continuous resetting and renewal. Every breakthrough comes from the original return to zero.

Good morning, my friends!☕


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