Give, or Give? ❤️

A man who was hungry and dying in the desert suddenly found a small ruined house with a water suction device and a kettle next to it. The spout was tightly plugged with a wooden cork, and a note said: Pour the pot of water into the suction device first and then draw water, but please fill the pot before you go.

He was facing a difficult choice: If after he pours water into the suction device but it does not produce water, wouldn’t he waste this pot of life-saving water? On the contrary, if he drinks this pot of water, it will save his life.

He pondered over and over again, determined to do what the note said, and he really lived up to expectations: spring water gushing out of the water absorber. He drank happily!

After resting, he filled the kettle with water, plugged the stopper, and added two more sentences to the note:

“Please, believe me, the words on the note are true. Only can you put your life and death out of consideration and learn to give, you will taste the sweetness of the spring water.”

What does it tell us? – The meaning of life is not to receive, not to take, but to give.

In giving, you are sending out the most affectionate face and the softest smile, like a campfire, bringing people warmth.

Morning, my friends!🌹💧☕


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