Running With Tears🏃🏽‍♀️

Eggs, broken from the outside is food, broken from the inside is life.

Life, breaking from the outside is pressure, breaking from the inside is growth.

It doesn’t matter who you were ten years ago, a year ago, or even who you were yesterday. The important thing is, who are you today?

Any dissatisfaction is a kind of cultivation. The hardships you endure, the fatigue you suffer, the pits you fall into, and the wrong path you take will make you a unique, mature, strong, and grateful you.

In case of trouble, find more solutions and fewer excuses. No matter how uncomfortable you are, always believe that happiness is not far away. Hold on, see the strongest self.

One must be crazy once in a life, whether for a person, a relationship, a journey, or a dream.

Dare to carry a burden that exceeds your expectations. After working hard, you will find that you are much better than you think.

Remember: the harder you work, the luckier you are… Strong people are those who are running with tears!

Good morning, my friends!💧💧💧💪

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