Bed Rooms in the Forbidden City🛏

The Forbidden City, an area of 720,000 square meters, is well known because of its 980 palaces & 8,728 houses. When entering Yang Xin Zhai, the emperors’ study room, back to it is the emperor’s bedroom that is only about 10+m², and the “Dragon Bed” was no bigger than the common people’s beds.

Why the Emperor’s bedroom is not big?

Everything in this world, including humans, has its own aura. For example, at night, lighting 3 candles in a space of 20m², or lighting the same 3 candles in a space of 100m², the brightness and overall atmosphere of the two rooms are decidedly different.

Ancients said: “Big room sucks out human aura“. The widely spread truth is that “the size of the house needs to be proportional to the number of people occupies”, which means that the bigger the house is, the more people should there settle in.

The size of the space we live in shall be depending on whether our aura can fill it up.

If not, once the external aura suppresses our personal aura, our body, work, and life will be affected inexplicably, to be filled with depression, irritability, and various unsuccessful situations.

This kind of #ancientwisdom, if you believe it, it exists.

How strong is your aura?💧☕

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