3 Discipline Rules☯️

1️⃣Tiny power can be gathered into momentum to make a big change.

Yi Jing:“积善之家,必有余庆;积不善之家,必有余殃”

Things happen not overnight, but over a long time. If good things accumulate, a family can prosperous for generations; if bad things are left free, sooner or later a family will suffer. The correct way to self-discipline is to start from small. By accumulating slowly, it grows from small to large, gathering sand into a tower.

2️⃣The preciousness of self-discipline comes from persistence.

Whether a person can accomplish something depends on the strength of persistence.

Don’t expect to do things in one step & get immediate results. Do a little bit a day, refine difficult & huge things, adjust your own rhythm, step by step over time, it will bring you to unexpected results.

3️⃣It is easy to think, difficult to do; once started, the difficulty becomes easy.

The difficulty of action lies in fear and laziness. People staying in a state for a long time will instinctively resist change.

When a person becomes lazy, the subconscious will resist self-discipline. When a person gets used to self-discipline, the subconscious will resist laziness. People who are accustomed to self-discipline cannot be lazy, but become better and greater.



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