Don’t Judge Easily💝

Once, Confucius traveled with disciples around the world and starved for 7 days without eating.

Then, Yan Hui, one disciple, found some rice and came back to cook. When the rice was almost ready, Confucius happened to see Yan grabbed a handful of rice and stuffed it into his mouth. Confucius left silently, pretending not to see.

When Yan cooked the rice and offered it to others, Confucius said, “I just dreamed of our ancestors. Let’s give this pot of untouched rice to our ancestors first.”

Yan immediately said: “No! I have already taken a bite of the rice. It cannot be used as untouched!”

Confucius, “Why did you do this?”

Yan, “I saw some dust fell into the pot when cooking, it was a pity to throw away all the rice, so I grabbed it and ate it.”

Confucius smiled and educated his disciples: “Although I trust Yan the most, I still doubted him when I saw him grabbing rice today. You must keep this in mind and don’t use your own opinions to measure others…”

Sometimes, even if you see it with your own eyes, it may not be correct. Everything should be analyzed and understood from a variety of angles, instead of “I think” and “I see” too subjectively.

Good morning, my friends!🌷🍃💧☕


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