A Rich Mouth❤️

A black taxi driver carried a pair of white mother and son, and the child asked, “Why the driver uncle’s skin is different from ours?”

The mother smiled and replied: “Because God wants to make the world colorful, he created people of different colors!”

When they arrived at the destination, the driver resolutely refused to charge: “When I was a child, I asked my mother the same question. My mother said that we are black and we are destined to be inferior in other people’s eyes! She reminded me always remember to protect ourselves. If I got the same answer as your answer today, I might be another me.”

To speak kindly is to create good karma and cultivate good destiny.

Having a rich mouth, speak with compassion, make it easier to make friends, make a family more harmonious, and blessings and honors will come naturally.

Good morning, my friends!❤️🌈💧☕



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