Remove The Weeds From Your Heart❤️

A Taoist’s disciples sat around him, waiting for the master to tell them the mysteries of life and universe.

He asked his disciples: “How can we get rid of the weeds in the fields?” The disciples were dumbfounded. They didn’t expect the Master would ask such a simple question.

A disciple said: “Shovel all the weeds with a shovel!” The Taoist smiled.
The 2nd said: “Burn the grass with a fire!”…
The 3rd said, “Sprinkle lime on the grass to get rid of the weeds!”…
The 4th said: “Their methods are not good. The roots of the weeds must be dug out.”…

Finally, the master said: “You all spoke very well. Starting tomorrow, you will each own a piece of this grassland and remove the weeds using your own methods. We will get back in one year to check the results. I, will get rid of the weeds in my yard field.”

One year later, the disciples came together. They tried all kinds of methods to eradicate the weeds with no good results. Now, they wanted to see how their master did it:

The master’s field that was overgrown with weeds has been replaced by golden crops!

The disciples suddenly realized: Planting crops is the best way to remove weeds.

Yes, similarly, the best way to get rid of the weeds from heart & soul is to cultivate our own virtues.💧☕

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