Time, Space, and Matter in a 3-Dimensional World☯️

Time, space, and matter are the existence of the twin brothers of the trinity. They make up the entire universe in a 3-Dimensional world.

Space is the container of matter; matter is the entity of space, and time is the witness of the catalytic evolution and growth of space and matter.

A particle of dust, an atom, a ray of light, a planet, even a galaxy, are all manifestations of matter, and these things all exist in space.

Although space is inseparable from time, it is a form of existence opposite to time. After the Big Bang, the state of the universe began to emerge from nothing. The positional difference between objects is measured in space, expressed in terms of length, width, and height; position changes are measured by time, one-dimensional forward and never looking back.

Space is an attribute of matter and a measure of matter’s performance. How to prove the existence of this space? It is matter. Therefore, there is no space without matter, and there is no existence with matter but without space.

Our entire universe is filled with celestial matter molecules and atoms, but the density is different.

The movements of matters from high density to low density are called #change which never stops.

Morning, friends. ⭐🌙💧☕


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