A Powerful Soul🥰

The unlimited potential of the soul opens at the moment you open your heart & embrace the world; at the moment you hold more lives in your heart.

At this moment, you are the corner of the Creator’s loving smile;
the deep & firm gaze on the Creator’s face;
the solid & powerful hand of the Creator to soothe the world gently.

When you truly care about the life & happiness of all beings, you not only feel the great love of the universe but also feel how the Creator bestows you with indestructible power.

From then on, you will not be stingy with a compliment & sharing. Every gentle look, sincere smile, and ordinary encouragement will become a very natural expression in your life.

Life, like a flower, quietly blooms with joy. Such peaceful joy comes from the radiance of the soul, from the experience that all life in the vast universe is the same ordinary and great.

No matter how many imperfect loves, conflicts, and oppositions, you let yourself be the source of that love and flow boldly & fearlessly to the lives around you.

Let the dried-up life grow slowly under the nourishment of love, until brilliant flowers bloom into love and joy, and nourish your heart.

Morning, my friends!💧☕



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